secret niki secret niki

3D Animation story

Some times what it takes to feel safe and happy

is to know simple rules!

This is something that Nicky realizes through her own adventure.

No matter how hard a person from her immediate or extended family may try to harm her,

she will protect herself because she knows the Underwear Rule!

Enjoy Nicky’s story that teaches to all kids,

in an educational and entertaining manner,

that their body belongs to them only!

It teaches to boys and girls when a touch or a secret is good or bad,

when a present is becoming bribery

and how a child can avoid a situation threatening his/her own safety.

Trailer video


video ellinika
video ypotitloi ellinika
Με ελληνικούς υπότιτλους
video ypotitloi agglika
Με αγγλικούς υπότιτλους
video noimatiki
video agglika
video ypotitloi agglika
With English subtitles
video ypotitloi ellinika
With Greek subtitles
video french
Avec sous-titres français
video ellinika-aravika
arb / Ελληνικά
video agglika-aravika
arb / English

Video clips

mystiko tis nikis
Τραγούδι: Το μυστικό της Νίκης
to soma mou anikei
Τραγούδι: Το σώμα μου, μου ανήκει
nicky's secret
Song: Nicky’s secret
My body belongs to me
Song: My body belongs to me
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